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Panda Updates – Monday, November 27

Danica and I spent Thanksgiving with the giant pandas this year! It’s just a normal day for us and the pandas – they don’t know it’s a holiday and need the same level of care that they receive every day. The pandas feasted on several meals of bamboo, took naps, and everyone received a special treat for enrichment. Yang Yang and Lun Lun each got a “Bundt biscuit,” which is crushed-up leafeater biscuits mixed with water and frozen in a Bundt cake pan. Each “Bundt biscuit” was garnished with slices of sugarcane. We gave Ya Lun and Xi Lun each a half of a piece of sugarcane. We hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did!
Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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