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Panda Updates – Monday, November 12

Since I just learned the giant panda care routine this summer, winter is a whole new ballgame! Now that the weather is cooler, the pandas are spending more time in their outdoor habitats. That means I’m learning new parts of the building and outdoor areas that I’ve never had the opportunity to use before! One of the coolest things I am getting to do for the first time is shift the pandas through the hallway that leads them from a den in the building to Habitat 2. It is a very long hallway and we walk nearly the same path as the panda moves through (with a barrier separating us from the panda, of course, for safety). It feels like we are taking a walk outside with the pandas as we both stroll to Habitat 2! And at the end, fresh bamboo, and leafeater biscuits for the happy panda!
Michelle E.
Keeper II, Mammals

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