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Panda Updates- Monday, May 9

Apropos of a panda update the day after Mother’s Day: Recently, a visitor asked me how many cubs a female giant panda can have during her lifetime. It was a question we Panda Care Team members don’t get asked often, but I loved it.

As it turns out, giant pandas are able to have anywhere from four to six cubs during their reproductive years. They are sexually mature by the age of 5, and in the wild, would likely breed into their later teen years. In human care, due to a longer lifespan, this could even mean they have offspring in their 20s. 

Lun Lun has had seven cubs during her reproductive years. She was pregnant five times, and two of her births were twins! She was an incredible mom to all of her cubs and is loving her retired life.

Here’s a face that’s easy to love 💗 

(photo: Trish J.)

Trish J.
Keeper II, Mammals

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