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Panda Updates – Monday, May 20

We recently tried some new enrichment in our behind-the-scenes area for the giant pandas. One of the most challenging and rewarding parts of being an animal care professional is trying to constantly think of novel and engaging enrichment for the animals in our care. Since we can’t offer a new item every single day, this often means re-purposing some of our existing items and offering them in new ways. If you follow the Zoo Atlanta pandas, then you have seen the hammock that is usually hanging up in one of our dayrooms. You probably also know that the pandas all love it, and will spend time eating, resting, and playing on it. We are lucky enough to have two hammocks, so we thought it would be fun to offer one behind the scenes for the first time. So far Lun Lun and Yang Yang have both had access to the hammock, and both seem to be enjoying it. Lun Lun is more interested in using it as a table for her bamboo shoots, but Yang Yang is taking full advantage of his new lounging spot.
Danica W.
Keeper II, Mammals

(photo by Danica W.)

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