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Panda Updates- Monday, May 15

It’s the time you have all been waiting for! We recently welcomed two female red panda sisters named Ruby and Rose to the Zoo. Getting to be a member of their care team, I have quickly fallen for these gals. They are very inquisitive and curious, and not to mention so cute! I think I can speak for the whole Panda Care Team when I say we are so excited to get to know their personalities and develop relationships with them. They both look very similar in appearance, so it can be difficult to differentiate between them, but Ruby has slightly darker red fur and Rose has slightly paler red sides. It takes a keen eye to notice the subtle differences between individuals. 

I also want to take the time to give a shoutout to our wonderful Facilities Team, who refurbished and beautified the habitat for these ladies. We are so grateful for all of their hard work! Rose and Ruby have been making good use of every perch and nest box. While seeing Ruby and Rose is still not guaranteed as they continue to acclimate, we hope they’ll soon make their way into your heart too!

(photo: Mel S.)

Mel S.
Keeper I, Mammals

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