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Panda Updates- Monday, June 27

This is my last post with Zoo Atlanta, as I am moving on to a new chapter, and I thought it might be cool to highlight all of my favorite facts about the animals I’ve worked with during my time here.

Yang Yang truly appreciates attention and time with his care team. He is a great communicator, although he isn’t always very patient. He enjoys self-anointing and has been seen doing it with all kinds of smells, mostly Tabasco sauce and Listerine, though.

Lun Lun is very independent and requires her keepers to put in time in order to establish trust. She is very smart and has caught onto new training behaviors quickly. She is most recognized by her beautiful round face and pristine white cheeks.

Ya Lun and Xi Lun have grown up so much in the past year and few months. Their play sessions are still wild, and while they’re adults, they still appreciate one another’s company. My favorite image of them will always be from the day we put up their tire swing and PandaCam caught them having a blast. 

Jackie the red panda has been such a fun animal to care for. He is intrigued by his enrichment and does a great job getting his treats out of puzzle feeders. He is eager to train with his care team and is a quick learner. Jackie just celebrated his 5th birthday recently and is enjoying the single life.

I’ll miss working with these special animals every day and with the amazing care team who work with them.


Trish J.
Keeper II, Mammals 

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