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Panda Updates – Monday, June 25

The other day for enrichment we decided to give the giant pandas cinnamon. When the pandas receive sensory enrichment such as scents, they generally self-anoint with it. Self-anointing just means they rub the scent all over themselves.

Yang Yang and Xi Lun were more interested in food so they mostly ignored the scent. Ya Lun couldn’t resist the urge to self-anoint and even tried to use her sister to anoint on. After several failed attempts to get her sister involved, Ya Lun anointed alone for a bit before also going back to her bamboo. Lun Lun, on the other hand, went crazy for the cinnamon. She anointed for at least seven minutes, which is unusual for them. They usually just anoint for a minute or so, then go back to searching for food. That day however, she just kept going back to the cinnamon and rubbing it all over herself. She would smell her paws and realize there was some there and go back to anointing. Every time we looked back at her, there she was rolling around in the cinnamon. It was quite something to watch and nice to see her take a break from bamboo to enjoy her enrichment.
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