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Panda Updates – Monday, June 18

As expected, the giant pandas accepted that bamboo shoot season was over and settled down and became satisfied with “regular bamboo.” The twins took the longest to start liking regular bamboo, but now everyone is finally content. Whew!

We knew bamboo shoot season would end, of course, because it’s only one short season a year. The first few days of transitioning back to regular bamboo are always a bit challenging, because the pandas don’t understand that we’re out of the delicious shoots. But after about a week, they settle down with a species or two of bamboo. During this transition, we make good use of our “bamboo” cue, by which we ask the bears to take a bite of bamboo for a leafeater biscuit. It’s one way to ensure that they’re eating their natural diet.
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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