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Panda Updates – Monday, June 15

With the warmer weather, we almost always have one (or two if it’s the twins) giant pandas behind the scenes with us. As mentioned in previous updates, the giant pandas enjoy these days, because in their opinion we are more easily accessible to give them as many leafeater biscuits as they may need. We like make sure their den areas are as comfortable and enriching as their outdoor habitats and dayrooms are, so we often have one of the hammocks set up for the pandas to lounge in. Yang Yang and the twins tend to use it as more of a table to rest their bamboo on while eating. Lun Lun takes full advantage of the hammock, and can often be found napping, eating, or using it as a trampoline to interact with her care team. Lun Lun doesn’t get too playful very often, but she makes up for it with enthusiasm! Be sure to check out a video on Zoo Atlanta’s social networks later today!

Danica W.
Keeper II, Mammals

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