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Panda Updates- Monday, June 10

It’s no secret that giant pandas are picky eaters. Our Bamboo Team, who specializes in harvesting the pandas’ bamboo, cuts culms which pass all human-set requirements. Pandas, however, use their sense of smell, which is much more sensitive than a human’s, to determine if the bamboo is acceptable. You may observe the bears smelling the bamboo often, sometimes between individual bites. Occasionally, the Panda Care Team will spend time with a panda doing something we call a “biscuit feed.” We will offer a leafeater biscuit in exchange for eating at least one bite of bamboo. This helps the pandas eat more bamboo on days when they may be extra picky, while also giving the care team more one-on-one time with each panda, allowing for relationship and trust building. Leafeater biscuits are high on the pandas’ list of delicious food items, and a biscuit feed is certainly high on our list of favorite things to do with the pandas as well. After a successful biscuit feeding session, the bears will often take a nap with their full bellies.

Panda Care Team

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