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Panda Updates – Monday, July 27

Hello Panda Fans! I know I recently shared an update about Yang and how playful he’s been, but I figured nobody would mind another story about him having fun and being silly. Like I mentioned previously, the Panda Care Team can interact with Yang Yang by doing a training session when he’s behind the scenes, along with playing with him (always through a barrier, of course) before we shift him to another space. Recently, I caught him having some fun with the hanging firehose enrichment that we had attached to the structure. He climbed up top and then would hang upside down, grabbing and biting at the firehose. The next morning as soon as he woke up he went back up to the structure and started playing with it again – dropping down from the perch and running around the dayroom. Even though Yang is 22, he doesn’t act like it. It’s a nice reminder that you’re never too old to have some fun. Be sure to check out a video on our social networks later today!

Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

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