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Panda Updates – Monday, February 7

Ever wonder what goes into where the giant pandas spend their time during the day? There might be more factors than you think. 

The Panda Care Team communicates every morning about what their goals are for the day; this is when we exchange any information about how we the envision the pandas’ day and any factors that may impact those plans. Variables that we consider include: how the pandas have been in their current location, training and/or animal care plans, seasonal behavioral changes, individual animal preferences, and other factors. 

In some cases the bears might even tell us where they want to be. This is usually seen while they are being shifted into an area with multiple doors (they stand in front of the one they’d like to go to). We always try to accommodate them when they let us know they’ve chosen their preferred space.

It’s never the same day twice at the Zoo!

(photo: Trish J.)

Trish J.
Keeper I, Mammals

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