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Panda Updates – Monday, February 5

If you follow PandaCam, you may have noticed a new addition to Dayroom 1. Last week, thanks to a very generous donor, we installed a brand-new hammock for the giant pandas to enjoy. In the past, we have made hammocks out of firehoses that have gradually worn out over time. The last hammock met its match when Ya Lun decided to create a cub-sized hole in the center of it. For their safety, the hammock was removed, and we searched for a material that would be a more long-term fixture. These hammocks see a lot of lounging, wrestling matches and naps from the bears, so we wanted something that would hold up a little better. The new hammock is made of tightly-woven seat belt material, and is about 100 times easier to remove and reattach than the old one. We let Lun Lun check it out first, and she didn’t seem particularly interested in the new hammock, just the leafeater biscuits on it. When we let Ya Lun and Xi Lun out shortly after, they took some time to explore it. Xi Lun would put a paw on it to test how sturdy it was, Ya Lun would follow, and then both would quickly pull their paws back if either of them made it shake too much. After a few hours (and a good nap) they quickly discovered that the hammock was a fun place to wrestle, play, and take a nap. Lun Lun also realized that one of her favorite napping places was back, and has been seen snoozing in it quite frequently. We’re very lucky that we have such generous donors and supporters who help us offer these great items to our pandas.
Danica W.
Swing Keeper I, Mammals

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