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Panda Updates – Monday, February 4

At Zoo Atlanta we are lucky to have an amazing group of Veterinary Team members as part of our Animal Care Team. They work closely with us to ensure all of the animals here at the Zoo receive top-notch care. We are always collaborating with them to train new behaviors that help us monitor the animals’ health, so it’s important that the animals are comfortable with them and their presence. For this reason, we often schedule “vet visits” so that the Veterinary Team can come and spend some bonding time with the animals. During this time, we don’t do any veterinary training; we simply allow the animals to get to know members of the Veterinary Team and spend some quality time with them. This way, if needed, the animals are comfortable with their vets, and veterinary training and procedures are significantly easier. As you can see here, Idgie is enjoying time getting some grapes from one of our Veterinary Technicians, Joy. Grapes are Idgie’s favorite, so it’s the perfect snack to win over her little heart. I don’t think Joy minded the extra time with Idgie either! While our Veterinary Team spends a lot of time behind the scenes ensuring all of the animals are healthy, they are a huge part of what we are able to accomplish at Zoo Atlanta every day. Like I mentioned before, we are so lucky and grateful to have them!
Danica W.
Keeper II, Mammals

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