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Panda Updates- Monday, February 27

Hey everyone! My name is Christina and I am one of the two Swing Keepers in the Mammal Department here at Zoo Atlanta. That means that I get to work in the Carnivore, Hoofstock, and Panda areas. I am new to the panda side of things and have just finished training on how to take care of these unique bears. Although I am done training on the routine basics, there is still a lot to learn about each individual panda! There is so much that goes into the specialized care we provide for the pandas here at Zoo Atlanta. I am still figuring out things such as each bear’s specific preferences on bamboo species, favorite enrichment items, and most importantly, their different personalities. I am excited about the opportunity to take care of them and continue to learn more about each panda here at the Zoo! 

(photo: Christina D.)

Christina D.
Swing Keeper II, Mammals

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