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Panda Updates – Monday, February 15

Since I started training here in the giant panda area, we have been talking and preparing for our Virtual Giant Panda Wild Encounters, and we finally had our first one! In this photo, you can see some of us participating in a practice encounter. While were a little nervous, it turned out that all our hard work was worth it! The encounter went swimmingly! We all became master camera operators, Zoom geniuses, and gained the skills of influencers as we set up ring lights! We were so fortunate to show off our new skills to some amazing guests who we talked with one-on-one as we gave them a virtual tour of our panda building. We were excited to once again show the behind-the-scenes  aspect of our panda program here at Zoo Atlanta. Since it was a virtual personal tour, the participants were able to ask us loads of questions, see some of our pandas all to themselves, and get a taste of what it takes to care for these giants. I cannot wait to do more of our Virtual Panda Wild Encounters and hope to see some of y’all too!

(photo: Jenny E.)

Adrianna L.
Keeper II, Mammals

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