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Panda Updates – Monday, August 6

We’ve been using Xi Lun’s dislike of sweet potatoes and apples to our advantage the last several months. When weighing Ya Lun and Xi Lun we have been putting some of Xi Lun’s biscuits and some of Ya Lun’s apples and sweet potatoes on the scale. Then we shift Xi Lun in first and she will just eat her biscuits and after she moves off the scale, we shift Ya Lun and she gets her produce since Xi generally leaves it. This way it saves us a few extra steps. Recently however, Xi Lun decided to try some of Ya’s apple! Well apparently she decided that she likes this new food that we have been offering her the last couple months. And, to top it off, Xi decided to try the sweet potato again recently! These girls really like to keep us guessing.
Keeper II, Mammals

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