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Panda updates – Monday, August 3

Here you’ll see Ya Lun sitting in a special training space. This structure is very helpful because it is mobile, allowing us to pull the bears out into the hallway to do ultrasounds, voluntary injections, or just to get a closer look at them. First, the Panda Care Team will ask for the individual to enter the space, and then we will ensure that the bear is calm and is safely secure before moving the device. This training area is beneficial in a lot of ways, such as when the pandas need their vaccines. Making sure each panda feels comfortable in this space is vital, so staying on top of this training is very important. Ya Lun did great with her training session earlier, and even spent some time in the space eating bamboo and some of her leafeater biscuits. Since she did such an awesome job, we rewarded her with a favorite treat – frozen sugarcane! 

Amanda D.
Keeper I, Mammals

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