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Panda Updates – Friday, September 28

Having a camera to remotely monitor Idgie the red panda is the best thing since sliced bread! We have been taking full advantage of this and keep finding ways to encourage her to use her air-conditioned hut in her outdoor habitat. Currently, this involves splitting her diet into many small portions and running over there throughout the day to entice her to go cool off and eat in her A/C hut. Once she has eaten she will often lie down and take a nap and cool off, but inevitably she wanders back out to the platforms to finish her naps. Idgie is the resident Zoo Diva and is well known for being a little stubborn when it comes to taking advantage of the many ways we have given her to cool off (fans, her air-conditioned house, a cooling pad to lay on, etc.). On your next visit, be sure to stop by and see our little lady – who knows where she will be sleeping the afternoon away!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals
(Photo by Jen W.)

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