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Panda Updates – Friday, November 5

If you’ve visited Zoo Atlanta or watched PandaCam, you’ve likely noticed that the Zoo’s giant panda habitats have several structures in them – what we call “furniture” for the animals around the Zoo. The outdoor giant panda habitats feature a lot of rocks in various conformations and wooden climbing structures. The variety of “furniture” offers the giant pandas choice in how they would like to lounge: Would they like to curl up on a log shelf, or stretch out on some rocks warmed by the sun? Recently, Lun Lun chose an option I have not often seen! She climbed the rocks in Habitat One (closest to the dayrooms) and perched on top of them for a while. It was such a strange position that I went to see if she needed bamboo or leafeater biscuits, but she didn’t come over for them. She just stayed on her rock, doing what pandas do best – appearing perfectly comfortable in the most uncomfortable-looking positions. It’s always fun to see the pandas think outside the box and use their environments in new ways! 

Michelle E.

Keeper III, Mammals

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