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Panda Updates – Friday, May 28

We’ve talked before about how Xi Lun and Ya Lun are growing older and more independent. They are four and a half years old now, getting closer to being full-grown, adult pandas who may want their own spaces. As such, we have been offering them more room to explore and the ability to choose to spend time apart if they would like to. During the day we often give them access to multiple habitats or dayrooms at a time and overnight, they are given differing combinations of spaces equivalent to the amount of space given to two adult pandas. However, despite all that room to roam, they most often curl up right next to each other! We are glad that they still seem to enjoy being near one another, and it’s even better knowing that it is their choice to cuddle up instead of seeking out separate sleeping spots!  

(photo: Michelle E.)

Michelle E.
Keeper III, Pandas

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