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Panda Updates – Friday, March 30

If you tuned into PandaCam on Thursday morning, you would have seen Ya Lun and Xi Lun in one of the outdoor habitats. This was the first time we have given the twins access to the outdoor habitats since they were weaned. Since the girls tend to prefer the indoor habitats and Lun Lun prefers the outdoor habitats, we decided that during weaning, those were the areas we would use for them, respectively. This week was the first opportunity we have had to see how Ya Lun and Xi Lun would behave outdoors now that they are independent. We weren’t altogether sure, because even when the girls were with Lun Lun, they often preferred to be inside, so we weren’t sure if they would take to the area or not. However, our uncertainty was misguided. Ya Lun and Xi Lun spent the morning foraging on bamboo and then took a nap on the structure together! We will make sure to give them more opportunities in the outdoor habitats in the future.
Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

(photo by Heather R.)

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