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Panda Updates – Friday, March 22

If you have visited the panda habitats this week, you may have heard some interesting auditory enrichment. The giant panda building is having some roof repairs done, so workers have been on the roof for a few days making all sorts of noises with their tools. The giant pandas typically aren’t big fans of unfamiliar sounds, so we prepared ahead of time to have them in the outdoor habitats during the day so they could be further from the potentially scary activity on the roof. However, the pandas had their own plans: namely, deciding they don’t care about the noise! We have given them the opportunity to move away from the noisy roof work, but for the most part they have simply continued to be happy pandas, more concerned with their bamboo (or their sister’s bamboo, in the case of the twins). It just goes to show that we can plan all we want, but the giant pandas will always do what they do best – be pandas!
Michelle E.
Keeper II, Mammals

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