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Panda Updates – Friday, March 1

We have seen a big increase in culming activity from all of the giant pandas recently. When we say “culming,” we just mean that they are also eating the hard stalk of the bamboo in addition to or instead of the leaves. Culming is great because it’s more filling for the giant pandas, but it’s much messier than when they eat just leaves! Culming pandas means a lot of bamboo shards scattered all over the habitats. The giant pandas will rip off the harder outer layer of the culm to reach the softer (softer to them, it’s still very difficult to break) inner layer. It’s incredible that they are able to break the bamboo as easily as they do, and another great example of why we always work using protected contact (there is a barrier between us and the pandas) at all times. They are bears and they’ve got the bite to prove it!

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Danica W.
Keeper I, Mammals

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