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Panda Updates – Friday, June 9

As Shauna mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are working on teaching the cubs to get onto the adult panda scale for weights. This behavior also requires the cubs to move from one den to another (we call this behavior shifting). Right now the cubs are most motivated by their supplemental formula. They are eating biscuits reliably, but still prefer the formula to biscuits. We started the teaching the cubs the scale behavior by offering them their formula while they were on the scale. Once they caught on, we would place the bottle of formula on the scale while the cub was busy doing something else. Then we would show them that the bottle was on the scale and the cub would have to go to the bottle. Finally, we put the bottle on the scale with the cub in a separate den, so the cub had to shift into the den to get up on the scale for the bottle. Both cubs are doing really well!
Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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