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Panda Updates- Friday, June 17

In recent days, the Panda Care Team has noticed some behavior changes with Lun Lun that indicate she is nearing a pseudopregnancy, or false pregnancy. If you have followed our panda program for awhile, you know that this is a natural cycle for pandas. If a female panda goes through estrus without breeding, they will almost always undergo a pseudopregnancy a few months later. During this period, their bodies exhibit all the symptoms of pregnancy, including hormone and behavior changes. Lun Lun will begin to eat less and sleep much more. If you visit the Zoo and Lun Lun is not visible, know that it is because her care team is making sure she is as comfortable as possible. She enjoys having a quiet space that she can rest undisturbed, and one of her favorite places during this time is a big haybed we create for her in her behind-the-scenes dens.

Megan H.
Keeper II, Mammals

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