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Panda Updates – Friday, June 16

Since my last update, I have spent more time with Ya Lun and Xi Lun to both win over their love with biscuits and also get to know them a little more. First, I gotta say that these girls are so fun to watch. When they aren’t sleeping, they are playing with each other and learning important panda lessons through play with mom Lun Lun also. Second, they are growing so fast. Ya Lun is already over 43 pounds, and Xi Lun isn’t far behind at 39 pounds. Third, I have tips on how to tell them apart. Of course you can cheat and look for the blue dot on Ya Lun’s back, but if you can only see their faces, look at the black around their eyes. Ya Lun has round, black markings, while Xi Lun has cat eyes where her markings dip in and then swoop outward.
Stephanie B.
Curator of Mammals

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