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Panda Updates – Friday, July 5

Monday was a true example of how our days run on the giant pandas’ schedule! Sunday night, they had access to one of the dayrooms as well as a behind-the-scenes den. Come Monday morning, they had made a huge mess of their bamboo, and after eating some fresh bamboo, all they wanted to do was sleep in their impromptu nest! Giant pandas typically don’t build nests unless they are a mother with cubs, so this was likely just a comfortable spot they accidentally made in their bamboo piles, but they certainly took time to enjoy it! After we cleaned their dayroom and had it prepared for the morning, Xi Lun laid down for a nap in her personal bamboo forest. Ya Lun took advantage of that time to go out into the dayroom and eat all the leafeater biscuits we had scattered for them both. After the biscuits were gone, Ya Lun came back into the den and took Xi Lun’s spot in the bamboo bed while Xi Lun got up to eat some fresh bamboo. Then Xi Lun came over and plopped down next to Ya Lun. By the time both girls finally made their way into the dayroom together, it was almost 10 a.m., almost two hours later than usual! I’m glad they enjoyed their bamboo sleeping spot, and we definitely didn’t mind having a bit of extra time with them in the morning!
Michelle E.
Keeper II, Mammals

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