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Panda Updates – Friday, January 15

Red pandas are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in trees. They are perfectly adapted for life in the trees. Their long tails help them balance as they walk across branches. Their ankles are extremely flexible and their arm bones can rotate on their axis to allow red pandas to climb down trees headfirst! 

For the last two years of her life, we had to restrict Idgie’s access to her tree because of her mobility issues, so we outfitted her habitat with ramps and raised platforms so she could still feel like she was up high without needing to be agile to climb. She loved her new habitat. However, her care team grew accustomed to looking for her in the hut or up on one of the walkways when we checked on her throughout the day. Now that Jackie is here, we often forgot to look up in the tree when we are looking for him! He loves to nap in one of the highest points of the tree. So, when you are visiting Jackie and can’t find him, don’t forget to look up!

Heather R.
Senior Keeper, Carnivores

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