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Panda Updates – Friday, January 11

Sometimes we take an opportunity to give the twins a chance to hang out in their behind-the-scenes areas as a change from the outdoor habitats or dayrooms. The twins enjoy being outside and in their climate-controlled dayrooms, and spend most of their time in these areas, but it’s also a treat for them to spend some time behind the scenes and in the back of the complex with us. I thoroughly enjoy these times because we have the ability to interact with them twice as much – an opportunity their parents also enjoy. It’s fun to sit with them and feed them their leafeater biscuits while they munch away on bamboo, as it gives me more time to discover new ways in which they are different! I’m starting to think that Ya Lun has the longer-yet-thinner muzzle, while Xi Lun has the shorter-wider muzzle. Their older twin sisters also had this muzzle differentiation, which was very helpful in telling them apart at times! What do you think?
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

(photo by Jen W.)

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