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Panda Updates – Friday, December 4

It was terribly cold earlier this week in Atlanta! For many animal care teams, this means preparing heat lamps and indoor winter areas, putting up windbreaks, or adding lots of hay beds everywhere. But for the giant pandas, things are pretty much the same as always! 

Giant pandas have dense fur which keeps them cozy in cold weather. I cannot imagine wanting to take a nap outside right now, but that’s exactly what the pandas have been doing this week! On really cold days we give the pandas time to adjust as they move from their heated building to the brisk outdoors. We do this by providing them with both indoor and outdoor space so they are able to come inside and warm up if they need to. However, they don’t seem to take advantage of the opportunity for warmth that often. They tend to head outside into the cold without a second thought! I wish I were as resistant to the cold as they are, but until that magical day comes, I’ll just have to stick with my many, many layers of clothes! 

Michelle E.
Keeper III, Mammals

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