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Panda Updates – Friday, December 3

Sometimes, you can only work on “giant panda time,” and that certainly included one recent morning! Lun Lun had slept in the behind-the-scenes dens, and when she woke up, she grabbed some of her overnight bamboo and starting eating again. Fabulous! Terrific! A happy bear! We were glad that Lun Lun seemed so content with her bamboo. We prepared the outdoor habitats with leafeater biscuits and bamboo and shifted Yang Yang into one and Xi Lun and Ya Lun into another. All the while, Lun Lun continued munching away in her dens. Great! Fantastic! We cleaned the dayrooms and set one up with bamboo and biscuits for Lun Lun. Huzzah! Yay! Time to shift her over and clean the whole building behind the scenes! However … when we walked over to the dens to shift her into the dayroom, we found she and her full stomach had fallen asleep. There went our plan for the morning! Instead, we cleaned everything behind the scenes except the dens she occupied, and after an hour or so, she awoke and was ready to move into the dayroom and seize the day … or seize the fresh bamboo, at least!

Michelle E.
Keeper III, Mammals

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