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Panda Updates – Friday, August 27

Sometimes, enrichment doesn’t always go according to plan. We often have fun thinking of new creative ways to provide enrichment to the pandas or to go back to enrichment that they may not have had recently. Something we can provide as enrichment is ice. As pandas are well-suited to cold climates, they sometimes enjoy rolling around in ice if we offer it to them. As pandas are also very scent-oriented, they enjoy self-anointing with various smells. Recently, I tried to combine these forms of enrichment by sprinkling cinnamon over ice cubes for Yang Yang to see if he would interact or anoint with it. He did have a very cute moment of sitting in the ice and splashing it around. However, that moment was very short-lived, as he moved on quickly to eat his lunch of bamboo. Oh well, maybe next time – be sure to check out the video on Zoo Atlanta Facebook and Instagram later today!

Megan H.
Keeper I, Mammals

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