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Panda Updates – Friday, April 21

At this point we’ve used the term “growing like a weed” at almost every update, but what is Ya Lun’s and Xi Lun’s growth rate? How fast does a panda cub grow? They are currently averaging about a third of a pound gained every 24 hours. Ya Lun weighs close to 30 pounds and Xi Lun 27 pounds. We will continue to supplement their diet with formula to ensure they are getting enough to continue on this growth trajectory. Each week, we reexamine their weekly weight gain in comparison to all of their other siblings, twins and singletons, to check that it’s on par with Lun Lun’s other cubs. We monitor and record nursing bouts for duration and frequency as well. It’s a tough job watching these adorable girls grow up, but someone’s got to do it.
Stephanie B.
Curator of Mammals

(Photo by Jen W.)

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