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Panda Updates – Friday, April 17

This week, Ambassador Animals Team members Megan and Wendy brought some new friends to visit the pandas! Olaf and Sven the Gulf Coast native sheep were out for a walk on grounds, and Megan and Wendy brought them up to visit the pandas outside their outdoor habitats. This was the first time Ya Lun or Xi Lun had ever seen a member of our Petting Zoo herd, so we all wondered how they would react. They didn’t seem to notice much and were more concerned with the fresh bamboo shoots we had given them. Like the pandas, Olaf and Sven were very focused on their keepers as they visited this new place, and looked to them for yummy reinforcement for good behavior in the form of sheep grain. There was a brief moment (pictured) where we think everyone noticed each other, but they all quickly went back to snacking. How did Yang Yang and Lun Lun react you ask? Well, they slept through the entire thing, of course. Naps are important business  around here.
Danica W.
Keeper II, Mammals
(photos by Danica W.)

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