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Panda Updates – December, 12

We have a “secret” path we take when we feed and care for Idgie the red panda that is within our quarantine space so we don’t have to change our shoes. No other staff walks this path unless they’ve disinfected their shoes and are wearing booties. It also happens to be the quickest way to her habitat! You can sort of see the general area if you are standing in front of the second, larger outdoor habitat (known as “Habitat 2”). It’s always kind of cool to walk back from Idgie’s and see a panda off in the distance through the trees. Upon first glace it’s a little difficult to see all the safety barriers, which can trick the brain into thinking that there isn’t anything separating you from the panda. Upon walking back from Idgie’s habitat this morning, I found Lun Lun curled up in her favorite sleeping spot in this habitat – the firehose hammock I built her! She looks awfully comfy and I was a little jealous I couldn’t go and take a nap myself!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

(Photo by Jen W.)

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