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Panda Update – Wednesday, May 9

Ya Lun and Xi Lun took a long time to become comfortable with being outside when they were still with Mom. Because of this, they had not yet had a chance to explore Habitat 2 (the bigger outdoor area) …until now!

Since being weaned, they have really enjoyed being outside in Habitat 1, so we decided to let them explore Habitat 2. We shifted them through a “tunnel” in the back of the building that all pandas walk through to get to Habitat 2. This was a brand-new space for them, so we expected lots of sniffing and a little bit of hesitancy. Xi Lun, the more timid of the two, took quite a bit of coaxing to go through the tunnel and into the habitat, where she was even more timid. Eventually, after about 10 minutes, she settled down and started eating some bamboo shoots. Her sister, on the other hand, had zero problem walking through the tunnel and exploring every inch of the outdoor space! She is known for being more bold and adventurous. She even made some pit-stops to eat bamboo shoots and decided to carry a piece around in her mouth as she explored!
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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