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Panda Update- Monday, October 24

We are occasionally asked about quirks in the pandas’ personalities that make them unique from one another. There is one with Ya Lun that never fails to make us laugh. She is notorious for moving any kind of rock or covering that you try to put in a particular place. For example: there is a water key buried in the ground in one of the outdoor habitats. You would never know it was there if it wasn’t pointed out. We uncover this key when we need to turn the water on to fill the pool when it is in use. Outside of that time, it is covered up with a rock so that one of us doesn’t trip in it. Ya Lun frequently decides that the rock covering that key must be moved. Recently, she moved it down the side of the pool and shoved it into the front moat of the habitat. We found it after Ya Lun and Xi Lun came in at the end of the day and chuckled, assuming Ya Lun was the culprit behind it. Little did we know, a member of our Multimedia Team was taking some photos that day and actually caught her in the act. At least our suspicions were confirmed!

Megan H.
Keeper II, Mammals


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