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Panda Update – Monday, January 2

Jan2 BlogHappy New Year! It seems like just a week ago the cubs were barely walking around the dens…Oh wait! They were! The cubs have gotten incredibly good at walking in the last few days and have moved on to developing their running and climbing skills. Both girls have demonstrated their clumsy ability to climb over the nest box partitions as well as through shift doors. The girls are now trying to follow mom as often as they can, with breaks to explore their new surroundings, of course! Now that we have three bears moving in three different directions, it can be a challenge to keep PandaCam on the entire family. The cubs will begin spending more time outside of their nest box and more time exploring the adjacent dens. So if there aren’t two cubs visible on the Cam, don’t worry! They’re probably off on an adventure, or more likely, taking a nap just out of reach of the camera.

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