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Panda Update – Friday, June 1

One of my favorite things about giant pandas is the fact that the more uncomfortable they look, the more comfortable they actually are! One of the best examples is when the pandas sleep. The twins are known for perching themselves in such awkward positions on the climbing structures that look anything but comfortable. Yet they will remain in that position for the duration of their nap! The adults are equally as quirky, but seeing as how they are much bigger, those awkward positions are usually on the ground. Yang Yang loves to squish himself between objects, like a log and the viewing windows of the dayrooms, or the side of his platform scale (permanent fixture in two of our night dens) and a wall. He has ample space available to him, yet he prefers to get all cozy in a corner. Side note: The giant pandas don’t like haybeds! We offer them on occasion, but they merely push the offending material out of the way and sleep on the cool floor. They are truly unique creatures of habit! (Pictured is Lun Lun, thinking about a nap …)
Jen W.
Keeper III, Mammals

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