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Welcome Chica and Spot the meerkats!

Zoo Atlanta welcomes more new animal arrivals to the all-new African Savanna: Chica and Spot, two 6-year-old female slender-tailed meerkats. Recent arrivals from the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, Chica and Spot have begun exploring their new home in the Zoo’s meerkat complex. The females, who are sisters, will be introduced to the male meerkats … Continue reading "Welcome Chica and Spot the meerkats!"

Blaze: the meerkat godfather

Hi all! Elephant Keeper Caleb here! Did you know the Elephant Care Team also takes care of the Zoo’s meerkats? It makes sense since they are right across the pathway from the Zambezi Elephant Center! Here at Zoo Atlanta, we currently have five meerkats that are split into two “mobs” – a “mob” is what … Continue reading "Blaze: the meerkat godfather"

Meet the Meerkats!

If you haven’t been by to visit lately, the African elephants now have some new, tiny neighbors in the all-new African Savanna, the slender-tailed meerkats! “Old man” Blaze and four younger male meerkats, Kingsley, Littlefoot, Spike and Petrie, recently moved into their new, expansive habitats on Tembo Trek. Kingsley is the uncle of 1-year-old brothers … Continue reading "Meet the Meerkats!"

Training with a new Major Mitchell’s cockatoo

Hi everyone! My name’s Shae, and I’m lucky enough to intern here at Zoo Atlanta with the World of Wild Theater. We work with the birds in the Ambassador Animals program and present the free-flight bird presentation, “Come Fly with Me!” Just watching the theater presentation is spectacular – birds swoop over guests’ heads seemingly … Continue reading "Training with a new Major Mitchell’s cockatoo"

Caring for Bakairi

As animal care professionals, we spend countless hours making sure the animals live the best life possible and form close bonds with each of them, but loss is inevitably part of our job and is arguably the toughest part of the job. You may have heard that recently we said goodbye to a member of … Continue reading "Caring for Bakairi"

Checking in with Kelly, Tara and the meerkats

As construction continues on their new habitat in the new Grand New View African savanna, the elephants Kelly and Tara are both keeping themselves busy with mud-throwing and dust baths, and we’re looking forward to those hot summer days when they’ll lie down and roll in the wallows to thoroughly saturate themselves. Keeping the appropriate … Continue reading "Checking in with Kelly, Tara and the meerkats"

The timber rattlesnake: a majestic native species

Hello everyone, my name is Evan, and I’m a new Herpetology Keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. I recently moved to Atlanta from Kansas City, where I grew up. As a kid, I was always very fascinated by the different native snake species in Missouri, and particularly the timber rattlesnake. This large rattlesnake species has such … Continue reading "The timber rattlesnake: a majestic native species"

Do turtles play?

Hi Everyone! It’s Dr. Joe Mendelson, the Director of Research here at Zoo Atlanta, and today we’re talking about some research we’re currently doing on play behavior in diamondback terrapins. Play behavior is exactly the way you would interpret it as a human- something that’s fun and silly and sometimes is for a purpose and … Continue reading "Do turtles play?"


Milestone is the latest for the herd at the soon-to-be-named Delta Air Lines Rhino Habitat ATLANTA – January 23, 2024 – The first southern white rhino calf ever born at Zoo Atlanta has been confirmed to be female. Following a birth on Christmas Eve, the nearly month-old calf, who is believed to weigh between 250 … Continue reading "IT’S A GIRL! SOUTHERN WHITE RHINO CALF CONFIRMED TO BE FEMALE"

How does it feel to be able to repatriate a species?

While some of you may already be aware of this and some of you not, I recently spent a couple of days down in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Why was I there? Aside from the fact that I absolutely love going to Guatemala and have some wonderful friends there, I was there on some incredibly cool … Continue reading "How does it feel to be able to repatriate a species?"