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Olympians of Outback Station

Everyone loves the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter; we all love cheering our country on and seeing the whole world come together for one special event. In honor of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, I would like to announce the athletes who will be representing Outback Station from Zoo Atlanta!

In bobsleigh we have the alpaca trio Warrior, Smurf, and Tuscany! Bobsleigh takes a high level of teamwork and communication to come out on top and these boys have that down pat. They have lived together at Outback for several years now and have no problem discussing their different ideas and opinions with each other.

In curling we have wonder duo Steve and Bucky. These two are what curling pairs dream to be. They always have each other’s backs and have a real enthusiasm for competitive games, whether it’s curling or a game of tag in the yard. Their short stature also makes them a shoo-in for getting that stone all the way to the center.

Pairs figure skating will be represented by Phineas and Tobias. These two tall handsome men may appear stoic on the outside when standing on opposite sides of the petting zoo, but they have a true connection that can only be felt on the ice.

Speed skating is a fast pace, bare-knuckles sport that requires focus and endurance. That is why Outback could not be represented by anyone other than Calvin. He is the picture-perfect idea of a speed skater; nothing can waver his steady mind, during a race or during one of his many naps.

Finally for alpine skiing, who better to show off his skills than the king of the slopes, Olaf. He is fast, he is nimble, he is laser focused – everything an alpine skier needs to be. The only thing more important to Olaf than alpine skiing is collecting all the pats from children in the petting zoo, which I have been told is his goal this year.

(photo: Haley B.)

Haley B.
Keeper I, Ambassador Animals


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