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Milestones for Sophie

At just 4 months old, Sophie the infant crowned lemur is quickly growing up! During a baby crowned lemur’s first month of life, they spend all their time attached to Mom, just waiting until they are ready to start venturing on their own. It wasn’t until Sophie was just a little over a month old that she started leaving Sava’s side. And from there on she quickly was learning how to be a lemur.

After turning a month old and becoming more independent, Sophie started accomplishing many other milestones. The big one was eating food on her own! At first she didn’t really know how to eat solid foods, but she spent most of her time chewing on tiny pieces of romaine lettuce and collard greens. Once she mastered the art of chewing, she was off trying all different kinds of food. And now at 4 months old, she is eating everything, including her afternoon fruit.

As soon as Sophie figured out how to walk on her own, she immediately wanted to test her jumping skills. Lemurs are known for being able to jump long distances, and Sophie was eager to test her skills. When she was just 2 months old, she would spend a lot of her time behind the scenes jumping from perch to perch, jumping a little further each and every time. Now she is out jumping all over the place when she is not by Sava’s side.

These days you can see Sophie playing around with her mom and dad while she becomes more and more independent every day. Make sure to come and visit Sophie and all the other lemurs at The Living Treehouse!
Arianna Greer
Keeper I, Primates

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