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Meet the alpacas!

Meet Tuscany, Warrior and Smurf, three new animal neighbors in the Orkin Children’s Zoo. A trio of Huacaya alpacas arrived at Zoo Atlanta on May 14 and now occupy the area’s central space. Tuscany, 2, Warrior, 1, and Smurf, 1, all male, join us from Apple Mountain Alpacas in Clarkesville, Georgia.

The alpacas are adjacent to the Zoo’s petting zoo, which is home to Babydoll Southdown sheep, Kunekune pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, Nubian goats, Oberhasli goats and Saanen goats. Although they will not be part of the petting zoo, the alpacas will create an exciting opportunity for Zoo Members and guests to make connections with a new species.

The Huacaya alpaca is one of two breeds of alpacas, South American domesticated members of the camel family that are related to llamas.

Want some tips on who’s who? Tuscany, the eldest and largest, is brown, while Warrior and Smurf, the smallest of the three, are white. Stop by to say hi on your next visit!

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