At Home

Explore all things animals, nature, conservation and science using Zoo Atlanta’s “At Home” lessons.

These easy-to-use lessons range in content and age level and include experiences such as Animal Tails, a storybook reading with associated hands-on activities; Explore the Outdoors, a scavenger hunt in your own backyard or local greenspace; and more …

Each activity is written to support your “at home learning,” as well as connect your child to the natural world.

Backyard Bingo

PreK – 5th grade

Children will hone their observation skills in nature with this fun activity that you can do outside in your backyard or from your window. 


Animal Tails: Ivan The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla

 3rd – 4th grade

Watch the storybook reading and complete the hands-on and engaging activity as you compare your own features to that of a gorilla.

Watch and Learn

Animal Tails: Vulture Verses

PreK – 2nd grade

This book and lesson explore the idea that all animals are important, even the ones we might think are creepy or scary.


Explore the Outdoors: Get outside and connect learning to nature

0 – 5 years old

This lesson will engage your child in explorations of nature, while connecting to ideas and concepts that they will learn in school or as part of their individual development.