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Kori Bustard and Ethotrak Project

Where: Zoo Atlanta and other partner institutions in AZA

Begun in 2007, the Kori Bustard Ethotrak Project was developed to promote standardized behavioral monitoring of animals in multiple zoos, enabling data collection on large sample sizes. The project currently involves about 15 zoos in the U.S. now managing kori bustards.

Keepers or other trained observers can accurately record behavioral data on hand-held portable devices. Recording is done three times a day, and the information is downloaded weekly and then sent to a central base where data from all participating zoos are analyzed. 

Bird Department; two Zoo staff currently serve on the Steering Committee for the AZA kori bustard program.

We have a lot of interest in kori bustards – they’re amazing birds to work with, and it’s hard not get hooked on them! Our primary project goals are to document the onset of sexual maturity in males and females; document breeding activity; observe effects of moving individuals between institutions; and better understand how the birds utilize space. The strength of this project is its ability to analyze data over several years at multiple institutions. As we collect more data over time, we’re beginning to see a general pattern of kori bustard behavior that can be used to benefit each of the institutions currently managing this species.

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