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Introducing Inge to a new group

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share an update on Inge, the oldest female drill at Zoo Atlanta. Inge’s companion, Bobby, recently passed away. Drills are naturally very social animals, so we wanted to pursue an opportunity for her to be with other drills. Lucky for us, we do have another group of drills that we hope she can join. Mrs. Inge is geriatric (32), and the group she would be joining is much younger (all four are in their teens). Since these animals do live next to each other at night, we’ve been seeing some positive signs between Inge and the younger group. Because of her age, Inge has decreased mobility and is not as active as the younger drills, so we are very careful in the way we plan introductions between the drills.

We started by making some updates to the other drill habitat for Inge’s comfort, such as new props to allow her to move around the habitat more easily. Once that was done, we wanted to introduce her to the male, Enwe, in hopes that they can create a bond between themselves before Inge is introduced to the younger females. This is the step we’re at now, and it’s going great! They get along very well. Our next step will be to introduce the females one at a time. A bit down the road, our final step will be to introduce our pair of Wolf’s guenons to the drill group. Hopefully, Inge will have a new group where she can happily spend the rest of her years with other drills.
Sonny Christopher
Keeper I, Primates

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