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Gearing up for bird breeding season

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means! The birds at Zoo Atlanta are gearing up for their breeding season! Birds have many ways to show each other that they are suitable partners. Hooded vultures chase each other, milky eagle owls call to one another, peafowl males show off their beautiful plumage to the females, and the blue cranes dance together, just to name a few. The further into spring and summer we get, the more of these types of displays you’ll see as you walk around the Zoo.

A few of our couples are already in the midst of their breeding season. Our lappet-faced vultures, Amana and Anubis, have wrapped up building their giant nest, the courting is over, the egg has been laid, and now they are just patiently waiting for their new arrival!

The milky eagle owl pair have also been courting. The female and male woo each other by calling back and forth with a low hooting grunt in the early morning hours. These two are a long-lasting and stable couple with a lot of breeding success.

Next time you’re at the Zoo, stop by some of the bird habitats and see if you can pick out any of these display behaviors!

Monica H.
Lead Keeper, Birds

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