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Exciting new ideas for exciting new spaces

I recently took my first business trip, and I didn’t even have to pack a suit! Zoo Atlanta offers its team the opportunity to apply for funding for various types of professional development, ranging from large conferences like the national Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) annual conference to workshops on animal training or the care of a specific taxa. We’re preparing to open a new African savanna next year as part of Grand New View, so all of us in the hoofstock area are traveling around the country researching some exciting new ideas for the animals and their living spaces.

This past August, I traveled to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston to visit their hoofstock areas. I did what we call “keeper shadowing,” following around the hoofstock keepers as they went through their daily routines and peppering them with questions, which they graciously answered. Later in the day, the supervisor of their hoofstock area and I sat down and talked about the great things they have going on at their zoo and how we might be able to incorporate some of those ideas at Zoo Atlanta. It’s so exciting to be part of the building process and help research new ways to enrich the animals’ lives as we prepare their new homes! I’m thankful to Zoo Atlanta for sending me on this trip, and especially to Franklin Park Zoo for being such great hosts!
Michelle Elliott
Keeper II, Mammals

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