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Quarters for Conservation


Your vote can #changetheworld!

How much will you and the Zoo do for wildlife this year? You decide each time you visit Zoo Atlanta! Introducing Quarters for Conservation, our permanent commitment to sending a portion of every Zoo ticket to field conservation programs for species in need.

25 cents from every general admission ticket purchased at Zoo Atlanta will go to conservation programs. Which species will benefit from your quarter? The choice is yours!

Prepare for your visit by learning more about our Quarters for Conservation projects, and vote at the Quarters for Conservation kiosk just inside the Zoo.

2016-2017 Quarters for Conservation projects

Vote on your project of choice during your next Zoo visit to put your quarter where you most want to see change! Share and spread the word using #changetheworld.

New Quarters for Conservation projects will be announced annually during Endangered Species Day at Zoo Atlanta. Each year, three new projects like these, nominated and selected by Zoo Atlanta staff, will take the stage for a year of support.

Want to know more about where your support for the Zoo goes? Learn more about other conservation programs at Zoo Atlanta.

Golden Lion Tamarin Association
Atlantic Coastal Forest, Brazil

Golden lion tamarins are a flagship species in Brazil’s Atlantic Coastal Forest, but only two percent of their original habitat remains. When the Golden Lion Tamarin Association began its work, habitat loss and the illegal pet trade had reduced wild populations to only around 200 individuals.

Their numbers are now estimated to be about 3,200, but there’s still much work to be done to protect their forest for all who need it, including humans.

Visit our golden lion tamarins in the KIDZone and learn more about the Golden Lion Tamarin Association

Elephants for Africa

Elephants for Africa works to protect Earth’s largest land mammals from habitat loss, ivory poaching and the growing conflict between elephants and farmers. Fewer than 500,000 African elephants remain, and 60 percent of the surviving population relies on land that’s currently unprotected.

The project seeks to educate and inspire the people of Botswana to live in harmony with elephants who share their land and natural resources.

Visit our African elephants in the Zoo’s Mzima Springs, and learn more about Elephants for Africa.

Project Golden Frog

Revered for centuries as a symbol of good luck but now believed to be extinct in the wild, the Panamanian golden frog has vanished from its native habitat as a result of the amphibian chytrid fungus, habitat loss and the illegal pet trade.

Project Golden Frog works in the wild and in zoos to ensure the species’ survival through captive breeding, with the ultimate goal of restoring these icons to the wild.

Visit our Panamanian golden frogs in Scaly Slimy Spectacular: The Amphibian and Reptile Experience and learn more about Project Golden Frog.



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