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Quarters for Conservation


Want to help save wildlife and wild places? By visiting Zoo Atlanta, you already have! 

Did you know that 25 cents of every Zoo Atlanta general admission ticket benefits field conservation programs? You can help us decide how to distribute grants to our conservation partners! Read about the projects here and vote for your favorite.

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Chinchilla Conservation Project

Area of Influence: Atacama and Arica y Parinacota Regions, Chile

Chinchillas were on the brink of extinction due to commercial hunting for their soft coats. This was outlawed nearly 100 years ago, populations continue to decline due to mining, illegal hunting, and climate change. The Chinchilla Conservation Project is researching chinchilla populations to protect habitat for population recovery. 

Your vote will support field research in priority conservation areas to establish long-term monitoring of chinchilla colonies. 

You can help chinchillas by extending the life of electronic devices for as long as possible and recycling them when they can no longer be used. This will reduce the demand for newly mined minerals. 

photo courtesy Chinchilla Conservation Project

Sloth Conservation Project

Area of Influence: La Ceiba, Costa Rica

Sloths and other wildlife in Costa Rica are losing their habitat due to development and illegal logging. Connected forest has been replaced by buildings and poorly insulated power lines. Hundreds of sloths are electrocuted each year while trying to use power lines to travel between fragmented forest patches. This project is working to properly insulate power lines in priority areas while also rescuing, rehabilitating, and, when possible, releasing injured sloths into protected forest.

Your vote will support the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sloths impacted by deforestation and electrocution and efforts to insulate transformers and electrical power lines.

You can help sloths by choosing sustainably sourced wood and paper products. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council logo when shopping for anything from a paper greeting card to wooden furniture.

North American Songbird SAFE Program

Area of Influence: North America

Billions of birds are impacted by human activities each year. The most significant causes of population declines include habitat loss, predation by cats, and window collisions.

Your vote will support projects, events, and publications to increase awareness of the threats facing North American songbirds.

You can help songbirds by buying bird-friendly coffee to prevent habitat loss, applying collision prevention to your windows, keeping your cats indoors, and growing native plants in your outdoor areas to provide food and shelter.

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